Phase I: Planning

In the Planning Phase, San Juan Homes helps you to develop the concept for your Lindal home, decide how to best build on your lot, and determine its rough cost.

What is Your Role in this Phase?

  • Purchase Land
  • Identify Needs, Desires, & Constraints
  • Determine Budget
  • Select a Lindal Style and Model

How Can We Help in this Phase?

  • Provide Realtor References
  • Reconnoiter Property with You
  • Determine Development Restrictions
  • Assess Site Development
  • Provide a Due Diligence Report
  • Develop Conceptual Costs
  • Conduct Survey for Design
  • Present Lindal Models

Schedule a Complimentary Site Visit with Our Chief Engineer

Fabricated to your custom design, delivered on time, & provided at our quoted price.

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