Phase III: Building

In the Building Phase, San Juan Homes orders the fabrication for Your Lindal home and schedules its delivery to your lot. We coordinate with your builder for them to assemble and erect it.

What is Your Role in this Phase?

  • Ensure adequate funding is in place.
  • Purchase your Lindal Cedar Home package by approving the final design and executing a contract for its fabrication.
  • Retain a licensed builder to develop your lot and erect your Lindal home.

How Do We Help in this Phase?

  • We facilitate scheduling. Your Lindal Cedar Home is fabricated specifically to your design and it typically takes 3-6 months for it to be made. 
  • Assist with your identification and selection of a qualified and suitable builder. 
  • Inspect and coordinate the transfer of the Lindal Cedar Home package to the responsible builder.
  • Provide Quality Control Inspections and document progress on your behalf through the construction process.

Discover the Lindal Difference

Fabricated to your custom design, delivered on time, & provided at our quoted price.

 (That's the San Juan Homes Pledge to You)